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Join our affiliate program and get paid as much as hundreds whenever someone clicks through your site and purchases our software. Click here for more info.

Reselling Cyberspace HQ Products

There are two ways to make money with Cyberspace HQ products. You can be an authorized reseller, or an affiliate. As a reseller, you purchase software from us at greatly discounted prices (starting at a 40% discount) and sell to your customers. As an affiliate, all you have to do is put a link to us or banner on your website, and when someone clicks on it and buys from us, you get a commission (between 15% and 18%). Either way, you make money with our top notch software!


About the Reseller Program
This is not for the affiliate program. To get info on our affiliate program, click here.

If your company sells software, or you are insterested in selling software on your website, our reseller program is perfect for you.

Cyberspace HQ makes software products that are perfect for just about any Windows computer user out there. Webmasters are a perfect fit for our best-selling AddWeb suite, and end-users can enhance their computing experience with our high-quality utilitiy products. Think about it. Just about every person that ever visits your website is a candidate for at least one of our products.

We offer HUGE discounts to our resellers. They range between 40% and 95% off of our direct web store prices, depending on you volume of your purchases! Think about it, if you sell an AddWeb Professional license, the least you will make is $120.00! That is the worst case scenario. If you commit to larger volume purchases, the profit only gets better from there.

Cyberspace HQ is known world-wide for top quality products and excellent customer service. As a Cyberspace HQ reseller, you have a name with a good reputation behind you. Cyberspace HQ boasts many accolades, such as being the producer of the top selling web promotion product for three years in a row, as well as being the winner of the coveted Best of COMDEX award for Best eBusiness product -- widely regarded as the equivalent of an OSCAR in the computer industry.

You can be fully set up as a reseller in minutes by filling out our reseller form. Once you submit it, you will have access to our reseller website, at which you can place your first reseller order and gain access to reseller help, graphics and more.











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