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window cleanser erases internet tracks and much more

NEW! Window Cleanser™ protects your privacy and enhances your PC performance by erasing your tracks as you use your computer and ridding your PC of unneccesary files that only slow it down. Keep people from stealing your identity, spying on your actions and much more.

Stop others from seeing where you have been and what you have been doing on the Internet

Any motivated person with access to your PC can easily see nearly everything you have done on the Internet. They can even log on to password protected web sites with your account if you are not careful. Window Cleanser clears out your browser cache, cookies, web page history, autocomplete form data, temporary files and much more.

Stop others from seeing what you have been doing on your PC

Any motivated person with access to your computer can see what programs you have run, what documents you have recently viewed, things you have searched for, what files you have recently deleted, etc. Window Cleanser can clear your Windows run history, Find history, Recycle Bin, recently viewed documents, WIndows temp files and much more.

Stop your PC from slowing down

By deleting your Internet cache regularly, cleaning files off of your computer, and recovering wasted disk space, your computer will speed up and run more efficiently.


  Many Advanced Features

The EZ-Install plugin system allows you to browse through our database of free add-ons that extend the functionality of Window Cleanser. When you find a plugin you like, simply click it and it automatically installs into Window Cleanser.

Easy Custom Actions allow you to personalize Window Cleanser to clean out files and registry entries that are specific to your computer, or are not included in the program, or an available plugin. It is incredibly simple to use.

The SecureDelete feature allows you to add extra security by truly wiping out any files Window Cleanser deletes, using the Department of Defense DOD 5220.22-M standard for deleting files.

The Built-In Scheduler allows you to set it and forget it, causing Window Cleanser to clean your computer in the background as often as you like..

Many more features make it a truly polished program, including the ability to choose cookies you want ignored, override default directories, suppress statistics, and much more.

A price you can't beat

Secure your privacy and enhance your computer's performance
only $29.99


Does all of this and more:
Clear application run history
Delete cookies
Delete downloaded program files
Clear Internet Cache
Clear Media Player recent file list
Clear Microsoft Office tracks
Clear NetMeeting recent call list
Clear recent document list
Clear recycle bin
Clear search history
Clear temporary files
Clear URL history/Typed URls
Clear web form auto complete data
Securely delete files so they cannot be recovered, using the Department of Defense DOD 5220.22-M standard.
Clear files and history of just about any program through custom actions.
Clear history and junk files from many popular programs throgh free, ez-install plugins.
Run automatically at scheduled intervals.
Suppress statistics so casual onlookers don't know when you are cleaning.
and much more!
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