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Adbegone Popup Killer

popup killer


Adbegone™ is a popup killer that blocks annoying pop-up advertising from opening up on your computer as you surf the Internet. It connects directly into Internet Explorer, and works in the background... increasing your productivity, and easing your frustration.

Stop Pop-Ups NOW!


Allow pop-ups from sites you use that require them, such as support, banks, e-commerce, etc.


Intelligently senses when a pop-up is the result of a link you clicked on, rather than a popup generated automatically by a web page.


Allows manual control over pop-up ads, so when you see a popup you want is being blocked, you can easily allow it with a single key-press.


Unlike other pop-up blockers, Adbegone won't even clutter your system tray while it is running. When a popup is detected (and terminated), your cursor will change to identify it, a tray icon will show for a second, and a sound will play. Note that any of these notification options can also be turned on and off.

A price you can't beat

End Pop-Up nightmares - only $19.99


Powerful and Intelligent

Adbegone is a complete popup blocker solution, allowing you control over popups that you want, and those you don't. It intelligently senses links you have clicked, determining when a pop-up should actually be allowed, versus those that are serving annoying advertising. 

It is a true defender against annoying popup ads.


Award Winning Software

Maximum rating of 5 cows from TUCOWS

Full 5 out of 5 Star rating from

Maximum 5 out of 5 Stars at

Maximum 5 out of 5 Stars at FileTransit

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